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Pauline's Inner Healing is space to grow customised solution for the wellbeing sector
paulines inner healing
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Enhance your wellbeing and personal journey with a practical 'down to earth' approach and warm sense of humour. Discover and inner place of peace, unity and spirit with Pauline.

project overview

Pauline's Inner Healing is the platform to provide, professional services in health and wellness, workshops on meditation, reiki, colour therapy and teachings in all things that help clients develop techniques that bring about peace and harmony. Our Space to Grow package offers the perfect starting place and presentation of life enhancing wellbeing services offered by Pauline. Our site design needed to work with core brand colours of purple and provide a bright, healing and uplifting space to explore.

website technology

Developed with Joomla CMS which provides a framework for the site to scale up specific areas such as workshops and living with essential oils.