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with a shared passion for bringing your business to life

Britt Ambrose Design was founded in early 2002, it was the culmination of over 10 years of design experience in other design modalities – 'I’ve lived and breathed design since I could hold a crayon'.

My passion for design was guided by my talented father, Graham Ambrose, his inspiration for design and innovation, led me to explore design in its many facets - from corporate interior design to retail design, product design through to graphic design.

The journey to continually evolve as a designer and create beauty in peoples lives, led me into digital-based design in 1999 where I have since been privileged to collaborate with many talented individuals.

Whether designing a physical or virtual environment, key design emphasis is to create a harmonious yet functional space which invites exploration within.


'I love the limitless opportunities that can be experienced in this medium: I've found an alternate design space that allows me to evolve as a designer and an opportunity to create highly effective solutions for both end users and my clients. In essence I gain the greatest satisfaction creating engaging, useful products and experiences that place users at the centre of the design. Designs and spaces that are both functional and beautiful.'