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Your Wedding Day Expo is a unique, interactive event, with food to taste, dresses to see, flowers to smell, music to dance to and fun to be had. Bring your friends and family and enjoy a day filled with laughter, ideas and inspiration at the best ever event.


The goals of the new design was to redesign Impressive Exhibitions - Your Wedding Day Expo with a stunningly beautiful site inspiring potential 'soon to be wed' customers to attend. The site needed to provide greater promotion of exhibitors at their upcoming shows, showcasing an example of all they have to offer. Design goals were to create a beautiful design that inspired customers to want to attend and take care of all their wedding plans under one roof. Integration with instagram, search engine optimisation and site search were all key to providing an expo site that outshines thier competitors.

There will be three expos a year, so the development incorporated extensive planning and systemisation for managing exhibitor assets on an ongoing basis.


The new website is built with Joomla CMS & T3 Framework and integrates social sharing, blog and an exhibitor directory. Our refreshed design works responsively across desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

Your Wedding Day Expo is a collaborative project with SEO by Clickstarter.